Release 2022.11

Release 2022.11  

Should you have any questions about the latest release, please contact your Client Success Manager or Customer Support via our support centre 


Key Changes: 

  • New DebitSuccess integration for payment plans 
  • Fee Help/VET Student Loans Eligibility check logic
  • New column for “Deferred” amount on the create payments page. 

Planned Release Dates 

  • Phase I: Tuesday 1 November 2022 
  • Phase II: Tuesday 8 November 2022 



DebitSuceess integration 

You can now create payment plans through a DebitSuccess integration in JR Plus. 


Payments through DebitSuccess will be automatically passed back to JR Plus. There is a Close Payment Plan button if you wish to stop the Payment Plan in DebitSuccess prior to payments for all instalments being received. 


Contact the support team if you would like the new Payment Plan feature turned on. See and for more details on configuring and using the integration. 





Forums functionality has been deprecated and is no longer available, existing client data has been maintained. 


TCSI : Student Status Inheritance 

A new “-- Use Enrolment Value --” option is now available in the Student Status drop-down on enrolled units of study. Using this option will inherit the Student Status from the enrolment, making it easier to manage if most of the subjects in an enrolment have the same Student Status. When this option is used, a “purple dot” on the Student Status field will indicate that the value is being inherited from the enrolment. The ability to bulk update the Student Status on enrolled units of study has also been added to the Subjects tab in the Progress Centre. 



Payment Terms 

An additional field for Payment Terms has been included in the Create Invoice modal on the Smart Fees Invoicing page. Payment Due Terms field has new validation to ensure the value is between 0 and 500 



VSL Eligibility Check 

We have updated the VFH/VSL Eligibility check logic so it correctly checks the Citizenship Status field instead of the Nationality field. This is to ensure students who are Australian citizens will be considered eligible regardless of their Nationality. 


Create Payments Page 

We have added a new column for “Deferred” amount on the create payments page. This will make it easier to make payments on invoices where an amount has been deferred and is not expected to be paid yet. 



API updates 

New endpoints were added to return duplicate parties to match the functionality of Duplicate Manager in the UI. Users can check for duplicates against an individual party or return all duplicates. 

Improved date field entry for various date type fields on the USI Create and Verification workflows. 



  • 25774 - We have resolved an invalid character display issue on the Agent Portal dashboard page. 
  • 25623 – Resolved an issue where some users were not able to search for students in the Progress Centre. 
  • 25618 - The Subject Grade Importer was invalidating data that matched with enrolments in the system. 
  • 25505 - We have resolved an issue with the Student Importer that prevented records being imported as prospects. 
  • 25585 - We have resolved an issue where attempting to assign a unit to a trainer could not be completed in some circumstances. 
  • 25468 - We have fixed an error when attempting to open and run some Report Builder reports 
  • 25466 - We have implemented some additional improvements to ensure that a Date Program Complete is not reported in cases where the Program Status Identifier has been recorded as a superseded program. 
  • 25390 - We have fixed an issue where users were getting an error when deleting a Check under the Party > Compliance > Checks page. 
  • 25327 - Fixed an issue when using MAC to enroll a student and units were sometimes duplicated. 
  • 25163 - An error was fixed when using automations triggered by the course start date that uses a template with student merge fields. 
  • 25130 - We have fixed an issue with sliders so they render correctly on large forms 
  • 23827 - We have resolved some issues that prevented events appearing on the Party Timetable Calendar and the Student Portal Timetable. 
  • 21712 – We have resolved an issue where Course Application Q&A exports, were not including all courses.  
  • 25658 - We have resolved an issue that prevented the Task list being filtered by the current user when accessed from the Dashboard. 
  • 25576 - Improvement: we have added some additional system rights New, View, Edit, Delete and Copy permissions to Forms->Feedback Forms 
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