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This article contains all information and resources required for the Onboarding Education session specific for CRICOS providers. In this session, you will cover topics that related specifically to the setup and use of your SMS if you are a CRICOS provider, including system setup, monitoring progress and generating reports. Please note: this session is expected to be completed by CRICOS providers AFTER completion of the Level 1 Onboarding Education series (Session 1-9.2).

 Document Resource

A PDF copy of the slides for this presentation is available to download:

Topics Covered

  1. CRICOS Basics

  2. System Setup

  3. Party Profiles

  4. Generate Target End Date

  5. Enrolments

  6. Progress

  7. ELICOS Courses

  8. At Risk

  9. Letters

  10. Reports

  11. Importing and Exporting

Session Recording


Introduction - 00:00

CRICOS Basics - 3:11

System Setup - 5:50

System Setup Demonstration - 8:03

Party Profiles - 10:29

Setting Up Profiles - 14:21

Generate Target End Date - 20:54

Enrolments - 23:12

Enrolment Demonstration - 25:21

Progress - 29:35

ELICOS Courses - 31:09

Creating Event Series - 38:38

At Risk -  48:28

Letters - 51:55

Communicating with Students At Risk - 54:03

Reports - 58:40

Importing and Exporting - 1:00:33

Summary & Action Items - 1:04:50

Consulting Session

If you wish to complete this session with an educaiton consultant, you can book a paid one on one session here: [not currently available] 

Consulting Session 

If you wish to complete this session with an education consultant, you can book a paid one on one session here: [not currently available]

Session Resources

To complete this session, you will require the following resources. Please be mindful that the majority of sessions are more valuable if you have completed the previous sessions in the workflow (see figure 1).

Physical Resources
1Access to the SMS, including username, URL and password
Required SMS Setup
2Programs setup/created
3RTO details entered
4Have a test student
Prerequisite Knowledge and Understanding
5A basic understanding of system navigation
6Completed Onboarding Education Level 1 Series (Session 1-9.2)

Session Outcomes/Action Items

Following the session, we recommend you complete the following action items. This will assist in enabling you to set up your Student Management System correctly, as well as prepare you for the next and future training sessions.  

  • Update provider details to enable the CRICOS feature

  • Add CRICOS details to Program

  • Update party's international details

  • add all agents (company and person)

  • Create an enrolment with all the CRICOS details entered

  • Create a report based off a business question

  • Take a look at the importer and exporter

Additional Resources

The following resources provide additional support and information relating to this session.


  • How do I note a student is at risk?
    You can highlight a student is a risk through the uses of Tags within the system.

  • How do I record evidence of what we have done to follow up with at risk students?
    Notes and/or Checklists is a good way to record what is happening. 

  • I can’t see the CIRCOS features
    To see the CRICOS fields within the system you need to add your CRICOS ID against the provider details, then logout and log back in for the changes to take affect.

  • Is there an integration between the SMS and PRISMS?
    No, There is currently no integration however the Government is currently working on the PRISMS Modernisation Project which will bring changes to the way the two talk to each other. 

  • How do I get reports about attendance?
    You can make use of the custom reports features to create the reports you need around attendance.

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