Document Packs/E-Signatures Overview

Document Packs and E-Signatures allow you to get an applicant to provide a digital signature for any documents that require it. In this article, we will go over the process of setting up E-Signatures and creating a Document Pack.


You will need to contact your Customer Success Manager or ReadyTech Support to get this feature set up.


Setting Up E-Signatures 

To make use of E-Signatures, you will need to configure a range of options under Administration → Configuration → Preferences.

Click on Self-Service Portals then click on the Signing Portal tab.

Document Pack Signer Email Template: Allows you to select an email template that will be sent to the signers.

Signing Portal Information Page Description: Allows you to display text on the landing page for the signing portal. 

Creating a Document Pack

The main use for E-Signatures is to get people to digitally sign documents relevant to their application. The documents will be delivered to all required signers by using a Document Pack.

To create a Document Pack, go to Courses → Applications and select the application for the desired student.

Click on the Document Packs tab then click on the New Document Pack button. 

Give your new Document Pack a name, this is mainly for internal record keeping purposes and will not be seen by any of the signers.

Click on the Add Documents button to select the documents that need to signed by the relevant people. Check the box next to each document that needs a signature. 

The list of documents is drawn from the student’s party profile under Documents, but you can add more documents by clicking on the Add Documents button. This will allow you upload a document from your computer to the pack. 

You can also add multiple documents by clicking on the Bulk Upload button. 

Once you have selected the documents that require a signature, click on the Add Selected button.

Adding Signers to the Document Pack

Under the signers heading, you can add parties that need to sign the documents. To do this, click on the Add Signer button.

This will bring up a search bar that will allow you to add a party profile as a signer. Search for the parties that need to sign the documents and click on the Add Signers button.

You can assign specific documents to specific signers, click on the Assign Documents button. On this page, you can assign the documents that each person needs to sign by checking the Requires Signature box on each document. 

Use the tabs at the top of the page to show any other people that are required to sign the documents, click on the Assign Documents button once done.

Checking the Sequential Signing checkbox will allow you to set the order in which the signers can sign each document. You can move the order of the signers and it will require that the documents are signed by each person in the order specified.

Once you have confirmed all the details, click on the Send Pack button. 

This will bring you to an overview page where you can confirm the details before sending. Click on the Confirm button to confirm everything and send the pack out.

Reviewing the Document Packs

Sending out the Document Pack will set the status to In-Progress, some stats on who has signed their documents will be displayed here as well. 

A unique link to the signing portal will be available for each signer.

Once all the documents have been signed, the status will change to Completed. You can check the signed documents clicking on the dropdown arrow and clicking on the link to the document. 

There will be a page added to the end of the document that contains some details on the document signing ritual and the person’s signature. 

Using the Signing Portal

When the Document Pack is sent, an email will be sent to each signer required. They will receive a link to the signing portal.

They can view any documents that they are required to sign by clicking on the documents. Any documents that need to be signed will appear under Requires Signatures menu.

If there are other documents that are waiting for another signature, they will appear under the Awaiting Other Signatures menu.

Creating Documents Using Feedback Forms

If the student has submitted a response to a Feedback Form, the information that they submitted can be used with a template to create a Document.

Click on the Add Forms button and select the Feedback Form response that you would like to pull the data from.

Click on the Add Template button and select the template that you would like to use. 

Click on the Generate Document button to create the document using the template. 


If the template requires data that isn’t present in the Feedback Form response, the document will not be created. Ensure that the Feedback Form response has all of the required data. 

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