AVETMISS Export and Claims Reporting Improvements

In Release 12, there are some changes to the AVETMISS Extract Wizard and Claims Reporting Wizard. In this article, we will cover how these changes affect you and go over the process of generating a report.


Why have the changes been made?

There were some cases of AVETMISS Extracts that would take a very long time to generate. This was especially true if you needed to report a lot of students. 

What we have done is make a few design changes and optimisations to the wizard to improve performance. This benefits you because:

  • Running an AVETMISS Extract is now easier than ever
  • The extract will generate much quicker
  • It is easier to identify and fix errors

Generating an AVETMISS Report

To create an AVETMISS Report, go to Administration → Funding → AVETMISS Reporting.

You will be brought to the AVETMISS Extract page. This is where you will need to enter the options that you would like to include in this AVETMISS extract. 

You might notice that the Wizard Bypass checkbox is not present on this page. This is due to the Student Selection page being completely removed from the wizard, which makes the Wizard Bypass option redundant. 

Other than the removal of the Wizard Bypass option, the options page is unchanged and works the same as it did before.

Once you have selected the desired options for this extract, click on the Next button.


At this time, it is not possible to select specific students to appear in the AVETMISS extract. This will be added at a later date, so keep an eye out for release notes in the future.

Viewing your Warnings/Errors

Since the Student Selection page has been removed, clicking on the Next button will go straight from the Options page to the Warnings page. 

You will be given the option to generate a warnings report for this extract. Click on the Check for Warnings button to start this process.

The process for generating the error list is mostly the same as before. The only changes made are some background performance optimisations and the error list will now be generated as a CSV file instead of a PDF file. 

CSV files can be opened in Microsoft Excel, which allows you to quickly sort out the data inside and find where to correct any warnings and errors.

Once the process is finished, you will see a list of warnings and errors for the extract on the page. You will also be given the option to download all the warnings as a CSV file.

Confirmation Page

Once you have confirmed all the settings for your AVETMISS Extract, click on the Export button. This will start the AVETMISS file generation process.

When the AVETMISS files have finished generating, click on the link to the zip file to download the AVETMISS extract. 

Claims Reporting Wizard

Due to some changes made to the Claims Reporting wizard, it is now possible to extract the same set of data from it and the AVETMISS Extract wizard. This can allow you to extract the enrolment data using AVETMISS Reporting and check it for errors before you commit to submitting your claims. 

To access the Claims Reporting wizard, go to Administration → Funding → Claims Reporting. 

There have been some changes made to this page, you will initially be given the option to select the State that you would like to create the extract for. 

Once you have selected the State, you will be given the option to select state-specific Report Type that you would like to generate and the Activity Year for the extract.

Click on the Next button once you have selected the required options for your extract. 


The Contracts page will allow you to select the contracts that you would like to include in the Claims Report. You will notice that there are some new checkboxes under the contracts list. 

Some of these options also appear in the AVETMISS Reporting wizard, they were added to the Claims Reporting wizard to ensure that reports create by both wizards can extract the same enrolment data. 

  • Include Enrolments Without a Contract: Enabling this will allow any enrolments that do not have a contract assigned to appear in the extract. 
  • Include Only Enrolments With Claiming Enabled: Enabling this will only include enrolments that have the Reporting Enabled checkbox ticked in the extract, all other enrolments will be excluded.  
  • Include ONLY Enrolments That Have Claims Due: Enabling this will only include enrolments with have claims that need to be submitted.

If you are unsure on what to select here, leave the options as they are and click on the Next button.

The Warnings page functions identically to the one in the AVETMISS Extract wizard. Click on the Next button to proceed.

Confirm all of the options for the extract and click on the Create button. 

This will start the process of generating the extract. When it has finished, click on the link to the zip file to download the extract.

You can also view any previously generated reports by going back to Administration → Funding → Claims Reporting. 

Other changes


To prevent possible conflicts and poor site performance we have also enact locks onto the Claims and AVETMISS reporting wizard so that only one user is able to run the AVETMISS/Claims reporting process as a time.

 Report Lock Errors

In the event that your report is interrupted before it can complete processing, you may encounter an error when attempting to run the report again. If this happens, a report lock may be in place.

Contact Support to have the lock removed.

Continuous Result Reporting improvements

We have implemented further improvements to the AVETMISS and Claims reporting process so when reporting results for a unit, and the end date of that unit is after the end of the reporting year, and the enrolment end date is blank (or after the end of the reporting year), that unit will automatically be reported with outcome 70 (Continuing) in any AVETMISS / Claims Reports generated, unless the reporting state is NSW (Non ACE Reporting).

 Additional Reading

Here is some additional reading on government reporting:

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