Education Session: Ready LMS (Powered by aNewSpring)

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The content within this article may refer to previous branding for the Ready LMS System. Ready LMS is powered by aNewSpring, so information from this session will still be relevant.


This article highlights what is covered during the Education Session for Ready LMS (Powered by aNewSpring). Additional resources relevant to the session are included, as well as action items that will help you implement the required steps for your SMS-LMS integration. This session is designed to follow the Level 1 Onboarding Education Series. Please refer to  these  sessions before proceeding with this session. 

 Document Resource

A PDF workbook of the slides for this presentation is available to download:

 Topics Covered 

  1. LMS integration steps

  2. Integration configuration

  3. Creating a Course

  4. Linking options

    1. Template to Course

    2. Template per Unit

    3. Template per cluster of Units

  5. Transferring students

  6. Transferring results

  7. Getting help

Session Recording 


  • LMS integration steps 2:06

  • Integration configuration 8:17

  • Creating a Course 21:01

  • Linking options 35:28

    • Template to Course 36:45

    • Template per Unit 38:04

    • Template per cluster of Units 40:01

  • Transferring students 47:03

  • Transferring results 56:48

  • Getting help 1:02:18

Completing This Session 

If you wish to complete this session, you can: 

  • Register for a free upcoming webinar [not yet available]

  • Book a paid one-one-one session [not yet available]

Session Resources 

To complete this session within your SMS, you will require the following resources. Please be mindful that the session is designed to be performed after all Level 1 Onboarding Education has been completed.

 Physical Resources 
1Access to your SMS, including username and password
2Access to aNewSpring URL, including username and password
 SMS Setup 
3SMS configured according to Level 1 Education Series
4Your students in your SMS
5Your curriculum setup in your SMS
6A course ready to be used
Required Ready LMS Setup (aNewSpring)
7Template created and published
8User access with the Tenent role
 Prerequisite Knowledge and Understanding 
5Level 1 Education Series
6A basic understanding of system navigation (for SMS and LMS)

Session Outcomes/Action Items 

Following the session, we recommend you follow the list of action items presented at the end of the session (see list below). These action items will help you enact the steps presented in the session within your own SMS. 

  • Get Ready LMS ready for integration

  • Setup integration within SMS

  • Create a Course within SMS and push to LMS

    • Link to Templates

    • Map Units

    • Transfer students

  • Push results back to SMS from LMS

Additional Resources 

The following resources provide additional support and information relating to this session:


  • I have done my aNewSpring course mapping to template per unit level, can I have activity across multiple units?
    No, when mapping to a unit you can only link the activity back with that activity. If you are looking to link activity across multiple units you will need to use Template per course or Template per unit of study/Subject.

  • My template in Ready LMS is not complete and I don’t want to publish it yet. can I still create a Course?
    No, sorry your template must be published in order to create a course.

  • When trying to create a course in the SMS, I can’t find my Ready LMS template.
    Please login to Ready LMS and publish the template. Only published templates will be displayed. 

  • I'm in Ready LMS and I can’t see the settings option.
    You need to have the Tenant role to be able to access the settings options within Ready LMS. 

  • I am units a clustered approach with units of study/Subjects. Is it possible to have the units linked to that unit of study/Subject updated as well?
    Yes, The units that are linked to the unit of study/Subject linked will be updated when that is updated.

  • How do I get the results to come back to the SMS?
    Results are auto-pushed back every hour through a batch job. You can however manually do a pull if you are doing testing

  • I have already created the users directly in Ready LMS manually rather than pushing them from the SMS. Is that ok?
    Yes. If they have been created manually they will auto link, if the following details match between the two system: 

    • Login (email)

    • First name

    • Middle name

    • Last name

    • The Ready LMS user does not have an existing external ID (linked to another party)

  • I am trying to link an existing LMS Course to the SMS. The Course is not displaying within the drop down menu
    Only LMS Courses without an external ID will be available for selection within the SMS. Please log in to Ready LMS and check if there is an existing External ID. 

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