Streamlining the Enrolment Process

Your Student Management System (SMS) is a powerful platform. To ensure you get the most out of our system, we want to help you understand the functions and features critical to your business's success. 

The purpose of these articles is to help our clients get the most out of the platform. This article is focused on streamlining the enrolment process not just for students, but for administrators as well. 

In this video, we plan to give you a quick introduction to the Course Application Forms and Kanban features. This video will help you to see the application of this functionality and how it works together to help them streamline the overall user experience. 




Course Forms makes it easy for students to apply/enrol directly into a course. Using the Course Forms Feature means that you can throw away the paper-based application and put the onus on the student to submit their information directly to the institution. 

Once submitted, this form can automatically create a new Party record and then apply an Enrolment record against the student's file. 

The Form Builder is not limited to Course Applications. Institutions can also use this tool to collect information from prospects, feedback from alumni or even allow students to request services.

Here is an example of what your Course Form might look like:




We use Kanban to visually represent the status of a Course Application. It's a structured drag and drop style management of your applications to make it easier to track where they are in the process.

Here is an example of what your Kanban might look like:




When a Student submits a Course Form, to enrol into a Course, it creates a Course Application that can be reviewed and processed by the administrative team.

Supporting Articles

Here is an example of what the Course Application might look like:


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