ReadySMS Manual Workflows


This article contains an overview of how manual application and enrolments processes can be set up within the student management system. If you would like to set up a more automated process, see the  ReadySMS Automated Workflows  article. Manual workflows are designed to be used without the course forms feature of the SMS. 

 ReadySMS Manual Workflows 

 Three options exist for the manual applications and enrolments process. The first can be used for simple individual student enrolment and the second for simple bulk enrolment. The third workflow uses a manual, paper application process, but then leverages some simple automations within the system to manage the application (e.g. automates emails to students).  


 Overview of the Workflows 

 1. Manual Individual Enrolment 

This process involves student's applying for a course using a paper application form. Upon receipt of this form, a student party record is created manually. The student can then be processed through the enrolment wizard and a payment can be taken. For this process, any communication with the student must be performed manually and admin notifications are not available. 


 2. Manual Bulk Enrolment 

The manual bulk enrolment process uses paper applications for initial student applications.  Upon receipt of this form, a student party record is created manually. After the desired number of applications are completed and party records made, a bulk enrolment step can be performed to process students into courses. Payments can be taken following the enrolment step. 


 Session Recording for Individual and Bulk Manual Workflows 

Manual Applications and Enrolments - Part 1 

3. Manual Kanban Enrolment

The manual Kanban enrolment leverages some of the automations within the system, without the use of a Course Form. Here, students apply using a manual application and party records are manual added to the system. The manual course application feature (Courses > Applications >new application) is then used to add applications into the Kanban for processing. The benefit of this is that it allows for automated emails to be sent to students based on their position in the application process.

This process is recommended when you have to take manual applications for large numbers of students. All students can be added manually as they're submitted, then applications can be processed at a later date. The automated communications can then be leveraged for mass communications of large numbers of students. 

Session Recording for Kanban Workflow

Manual Applications and Enrolments - Part 2

Additional Resources 

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  •  Can I use a manual workflow alongside an automated workflow for different offerings within my organiation? 
     Y  es. You could set up a manual paper form for some courses and use automated course forms for other courses.  


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