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This article contains a description and walkthrough of the ReadySMS Automated Workflows. These workflows are designed to be used in conjunction with Session 5 of the Onboarding Education Series. Our system can cater for multiple application and enrolment scenarios, each is a variation of one of the following key workflows: 

Short Course: Non-Accredited Standard VET Application
Short Course: AccreditedExtended Application Process

There are opportunities to customise these workflows through the use of invoices, payment gateways, email automations and additional information forms. Each of these workflows utilises our market leading Course Forms functionality.


What are Course Forms?  

Course Forms enable each organisation to design its own application or enrolment form and publish online via our portals and their own website. All four ReadySMS Workflows utilise Course Forms. 

The online forms are created using our easy-to-use user interface and can fully replace paper-based systems.

The key features include:

  • The capture of regulatory data

  • Mandatory/non mandatory fields

  • Customisable questions, including:

    • Multiple choice

    • Tags/Properties

    • Dropdown

    • Short and paragraph questions

    • Rating questions

  • File uploads functionality

  • Partial form saving for later completion 

  • Search and selection of single or multiple programs

  • Secure payments through the integration of a payment gateway

Course Forms also allow enrolments to be either auto-confirmed or sent through to the application centre for additional vetting. When used in conjunction with the student portal, applicants will be able to view all their current applications and the corresponding status.

All information captured through Course Forms is automatically uploaded into your student management system. 

ReadySMS Automated Workflows

 PowerPoint - Introduction to ReadySMS Supported Workflows 

Selecting your Workflow 

Step 1. Select your workflow 

Use the following diagram as a starting point for selecting your workflow:

 Figure 1. Decision tree for selecting a ReadySMS Workflow. 

Step 2. Diagram your Workflow 

If you use one of the ReadySMS Automatic Workflows, you will still need to make decisions about some of the particulars for your organisation. Make sure you consider:  

  •  If and when you want to generate automated emails 
  •  If and when you want to take payments 
  •  If you want staff to received notifications for:  
    •  New course applications submission 
    •  Feedback forms returned 

One you have addressed these questions, diagram out your workflow

Step 3. Identify your Processes

Identify the processes you require.

Colour Code
 Online Course Forms 
 Automated Communication
 Staff Notifications
 Full AVETMISS/Additional Information Forms

Figure 2. Processes for workflow.

If using Kanban, consider creating a table with your setup, as shown in Figure 5.

Step 4. Set up your Processes

Set up the required process. See Session 5    and the summary video for your workflow for a detailed discussion of each process within your student management system. The following sub-articles provide additional information on each workflow and how to set them up. 


Additional Resources 

The following summary will also help you select an appropriate workflow. 

 Student (Party) record automatically created and populated Student automatically enrolled   Automated emails can be sent*Internal notification can be sent* A payment can be taken* Kanban displays application for manual processing  Full AVETMISS details collected
Short Course Non-Accredited   
Short Course Accredited 
Standard VET Application 
S Extended Application Process 

*Can be configured at different steps

Figure 3. Summary of workflow features.

The following summary will help you determine which processes you require for each workflow.

  Short Course Form   Full Course Form      Kanban  Automated Communication*   Staff Notifications*  Feedback Forms       Payments* 
Short Course Non-Accredited    
Short Course Accredited  
Standard VET Application 
S Extended Application Process 

*Optional feature

Figure 4. Summary of processes required for each workflow.

The following table contains a suggested Kanban setup for Standard VET Course and Extended Application options. Fields can be changed to meet your organisation's needs.

Note: Some Course Application Status' cannot be edited within the SMS.

Kanban StatusCourse Application StatusDefault Email TemplateFeedback Form
New ApplicationsAppliedApplication Received 
PartialAutomatically Sent 
Under ReviewInterview   
In Progress  
Application IncompleteCompliance InfoCompliance Information MissingAVETMISS Details
ID DocumentsIdentification Documents MissingAdditional Document Upload
CompleteIneligibleEligibility Criteria Not Met 
UnsuccessfulApplication Unsuccessful 
WithdrawnApplication Withdrawn 
Enrolled*Confirmation of Enrolment 

 Figure 5. Summary of processes Kanban setup for each workflow. 


 Resource Links 



  •  Can I set up more than one workflow within my SMS? 
     Yes, you can. If you're offering, for example, short courses as well as standard courses, you could set up both workflows. Make sure you link the correct courses to the correct Course Form.  
  •  I don't want to use Course Forms. Can I still use these processes? 
     Yes, absolutely. You can substitute out the use of the Course Form for a physical form/manual process.  
  •  Can I modify the workflow I want because it doesn't quite fit what my organisation needs?       
      The presented workflows reflect common successful usage patterns that we have created based on our expertise in the sector. Modified configurations can only be given support through paid consultation sessions where we will help yu to identify the best approach to configuring your workflows.   
     It remains your responsibility to internally configure, test, and validate that each workflow is aligned with the unique business requirements of your institution.    
  •  I am getting an error when I fill in a course application as a 'test student.' What's going on?        
     Check that any email templates attached to the application process are correct. e.g. if you have copied merge fields from another template somewhere in the system, the specific merge tags may not be appropriate for the template where you're pasting the email. Double check that all the merge fields are available in the merge fields list to the right hand side of the window.    
  •  I'm setting up an accredited workflow. I can see student applications sitting in my course, but they're not moving into the 'enrolled' field even though I've checked 'auto enrol.' What's going on? 
      Make sure you've definitely:   
    •   ticked auto enrol on the course application  
    •   checked you have a funding source for your course. Enrolment won't go through without this   
    •   Try manually adding an application (Courses > Applications > new application) and then processing the enrolment manually through the enrolment wizard. Note any compulsory fields that are incomplete or any steps that are throwing errors. This is likely the part of your workflow that is not allowing the enrolment through. Review that part of the system.   
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