Automated Workflow - Short Course Non-Accredited


This article contains a description and walkthrough of the Automated Workflow - Short Course Non-Accredited. A summary of the workflow is provided along with a video to aid you in setting up with workflow in your SMS. This workflow is designed to used in conjunction with  Session 5  of the Onboarding Education Series. If you are unsure if this is the correct workflow for you, please see the  ReadySMS Automated Workflows  article. 

Short Course Non-Accredited

In the  Short Course: Non-Accredited scenario  , the student will select a course from the Training Provider’s website, and apply for it through a link to a short application form.

The student will complete all the mandatory fields and will pay for the course in full via a payment gateway.

Upon submission of the form, their details will pass through to the student management system.

The following will then take place:

  • A student record will be created for the individual

  • Their record will be populated with all relevant details from the online Course Form

  • The student will automatically be enrolled into the course

  • A confirmation email will be sent to the student

  • The RTO Administrator can be notified

 This process is recommended for the following scenarios: 

  •  A rolling course intake 

  •  Short courses 

  •  Where a fully automated process is preferred, and no revision of applications is required 

The following video walks through the process of setting this process up in your system. This video is to be used in conjunction with the information presented in Session 5.

PowerPoint - Non-Accredited Short Course

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