Session 5 - Online Applications and Enrolment


This article contains all information and resources required for Session 5.1 and 5.2 of the Onboarding Education training series. In this session, you will learn a series of the key steps used for the online applications and enrolment process. This will aid you in establishing standard workflows for your organisation surrounding applications and enrolments that make optimal use of your SMS. Please note, this Session is paired with the article ReadySMS Automated Workflows. Please take the time to work through this article immediately before or after this Session. 

 Document Resource

A PDF copy of the slides for this session is available to download: Session 5.1 and 5.2 - Online Applications and Enrolments

Figure 1. Session placement in workflow.

Topics Covered

  1. Online course forms

  2. Kanban

  3. Automated communication

  4. Feedback forms

  5. Staff notifications

  6. Payments

  7. Duplicate records

  8. Online application demonstration

Session Recordings

Part 5.1

Timestamps 5.1

  • Introduction - 00:00
  • Training Overview - 1:30
  • Workflow Example - 03:43
  • Online Course Forms Overview - 06:37
  • Creating Online Course Forms - 13:14
  • Kanban Overview - 22:08
  • Using Kanban for Applications - 32:08
  • Automated Communication - 36:56
  • Creating Email Templates - 43:36
  • Process Overview - 48:49
  • Automated Workflows - 56:31
  • Summary & Action Items - 1:00:18

Part 5.2

Timestamps 5.2

  • Introduction - 00:00
  • Training Overview - 00:50
  • Recap Previous Session - 2:33
  • Additional Information Forms/Full AVETMISS Form - 4:42
  • Feedback Forms Overview - 5:21
  • Creating Feedback Forms - 12:51
  • Adding URL to Email Template - 16:51
  • Staff Notifications Overview - 22:07
  • Duplicate Records Overview - 25:42
  • Enabling Staff Notifications - 29:19
  • Working with Duplicate Records - 30:25
  • Online Application Demonstration - 32:33
  • ReadySMS Automated Workflows - 46:02
  • Summary & Action Items - 47:50

Consulting Session

If you wish to complete this session with an education consultant, you can book a paid one on one session here: [not currently available]

Session Resources

To complete this session, you will require the following resources. Please be mindful that the majority of sessions are more valuable if you have completed the previous sessions in the workflow (see figure 1).

Physical Resources
1Access to the student management system, including URL, username and password
2A list of the information you need to collect on your digital enrolment form
3The ReadySMS Automated Workflow article for reference
SMS Setup
4At least one course configured in your SMS
5At least one test student configured in your SMS
6at least one trainer configured in your SMS
Prerequisite Knowledge and Understanding
5A basic understanding of the SMS navigation
6A basic understanding of the information in the ReadySMS Automated Workflow article

Session Outcomes/Action Items

Following the session, we recommend you complete the following action items. This will assist in enabling you to set up your Student Management System correctly, as well as prepare you for the next and future training sessions.  

  • Select you ReadySMS Automated Workflow/s, or define your workflow/s using the system pieces from the Session

  • Set up the following pieces according to your workflow: 

    • Online course form/s

    • Kanban status'

    • Course application status'

    • Email templates linking to course application status'

    • additional forms (Information/AVETMISS)

    • Staff notifications

    • (Note: payments will be covered in the next Session)

 Additional Resources 

The following resources provide additional support and information relating to this session.


  •  Our organisation uses a slightly different process to the ReadySMS Automated Workflows, can we adapt what you've given us? 
     The presented workflows reflect common successful usage patterns that we have created based on our expertise in the sector. Modified configurations can only be given support through paid consultation sessions where we will help yu to identify the best approach to configuring your workflows. It remains your responsibility to internally configure, test, and validate that each workflow is aligned with the unique business requirements of your institution. 
  •  Do I have to use online enrolments to use a ReadySMS? 
     No, you can enrol students, and perform associated tasks, manually if that is your preference. 
  •  Can I   have one URL that all students can use to enrol students from my website so I don't have to update it regularly? 
     Yes, you can do this using the "Links" feature on the Course Application Form. Link every course you would like to make available to students to this one form. 
  •  The default Kanban Status' don't work for our processes, can I remove/edit them?  
     Yes, you can remove or edit them using Administration > Lookups > Course Application Settings > Kanban Settings. 
  •  Is there a way to remind staff to follow up applications that are assigned to them? 
     No, not at present. However, you can make use of the "Assignee" filter in the Course Application view so that users/admin can see which applications they are responsible for and their progress.  
  •  If a student responds to an automated email from the system, where does the response   go?  
     Within the system, you can set up multiple "from" email address (you will be required to have at least one when you configure your emails). Responses are then sent to that email address's inbox, which will be outside the SMS.  
  •  I have a large number of "enrolled" students on the Kanban. What should I do with them, will they stay there forever or will they disappear? 
     You can archive applications you have completed whenever you desire so they are not present. Please see the recording above to view how to do this step.   
  •  When do I used Feedback Forms and Course Forms? I'm confused by when to use which.  
    •   Feedback Form:  
    •  Course Forms: 
    •   I'm creating an email template and I'm getting the following error: "This template contains illegal code." 
        One of your merge tags is in the incorrect format. This may be because you've copied and pasted a template from another part of the system or because you've removed part of the merge tag. If your current merge tags present on the left hand side of the screen (field in which you are writing the email) do not match the merge tags from the list on the right hand side of the screen, you will get an error. Different parts of the system use different merge tags, and changing any part of the   merge tag (e.g. removing a bracket) will result in it not working.  
       This article may be helpful in finding the correct merge tags
    •   I am using Feedback forms. I have a URL that is like:{Party Identifier}  
        I've copied this into a template and it's not working. Why?  
        The system automatically generates Feedback Forms with   {Party Identifier} at the end. You will ALWAYS need to update this once you paste it in a template to the party identifier tag {party[party_identifier]}  
    •   Can I attached different images to different forms. e.g. a government logo or a particular logo for a third party business? 
        Yes, you can have multiple brands within the system. Then when you set up the form you can assign the correct brand. Adding brands and images is covered in   Session 2.   The following articles may also help:
    •   How can I distribute my Course Forms? 
        There are many options for distributing the link. Some include: 
      • Student Portal
      • Email them to students
      • Link to your website
      • Have it open on a tablet to pass around a classroom  
4/5/23 (Part 5.1)

11/05/23 (Part 5.2)
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