Onboarding Education


Welcome to the beginning of your education journey in your Student Management System (SMS). Whether you're a new customer, or just new to your SMS, in this training series you'll walk through how to successfully use your SMS to conduct your business operations. 


Level 1 Training Sessions

The level 1 training sessions are intended to establish the fundamental skills and knowledge required to operate the core functionality of your new system. Completing the full training series will bring you from a state of zero product knowledge through to being a government reporting hero. The series will also delve into the details of curriculum management, finance, and the full student lifecycle. 

Each training lesson has been intentionally written to build on concepts delivered in earlier sessions and therefore forms part of a wider curriculum. For that reason, we strongly encourage you to attend all sessions, in order. 

Training Audience

Specific training sessions will be of greater interest to users that hold specific roles within your institution. We acknowledge this requirement by grouping training sessions into sections according to the following categorisation table:


System Responsibilities

Example Roles


  • Configuration of system
  • Configuring external integrations
  • Academic and curriculum management
  • High Level Administrator
  • Training Manager
  • Compliance Manager


  • Processing admissions
  • Timetabling
  • Student Services Officer
  • Admissions Officer


  • Managing student records
  • Taking attendance
  • Recording results
  • Running operational reports
  • Managing financial records
  • Government reporting
  • Trainer
  • Finance Officer
  • Marketing

Training Session Outline

The diagram below outlines the broad progression of content throughout the training series. Note that each coloured box is referred to as a Topic but some topics span more than one training session. The levels reflect the recommended target audience for each session. 

Figure 1. Training Outline.

Session Schedule and Links

Please complete the educations sessions in the order outlined in table. 

Session Number

Session Name
Introduction to the Systemhttps://help-education.readytech.io/support/solutions/articles/51000332132-session-1-introduction-to-the-system
2Site Setuphttps://help-education.readytech.io/support/solutions/articles/51000332217-session-2-site-setup
3Curriculum Management https://help-education.readytech.io/support/solutions/articles/51000332271-session-3-curriculum-management
5.1Online Applications and Enrolmenthttps://help-education.readytech.io/support/solutions/articles/51000332315-session-5-online-applications-and-enrolment
5.2Online Applications and Enrolment
7The Student Life Cyclehttps://help-education.readytech.io/support/solutions/articles/51000332710-session-7-the-student-life-cycle
8National Reportinghttps://help-education.readytech.io/support/solutions/articles/51000332723-session-8-national-reporting
9.1Additional Features: Communicationshttps://help-education.readytech.io/support/solutions/articles/51000333789-session-9-1-communications
9.2Additional Featureshttps://help-education.readytech.io/support/solutions/articles/51000334770-session-9-2-portals
CRICOS Providers Only


To provide feedback on any of the education sessions or topics, please use this form: https://forms.office.com/r/RgdQXbBrGE 

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